Bridge the Gap
with our Education Projects.

All over the world loads of young children in developing countries never get a chance to go to school and miss out on a great experience of receiving an education. In instances where they do get a chance to go to school, this experience is at times cut short due to the lack of finances, equipment and the necessary resources that help keep them in school. 

At 5StarEnglishOnline we recognise this huge need and are aiming to help bridge the gap and change this. As well as providing a number of different English Learning Lessons, we also help provide educational opportunities for young children in developing countries. We believe, that we can make a difference however small it is to some of these children's lives. This is done through our Education Projects Fund.

For every business that you entrust with us, we put aside 5% into our Education Projects. This money enables us to create a difference to the lives of some of these children. This 5% goes towards paying school fees, provision of educational resources and sanitation equipment that will enable young children to get an education and stay in school.

At 5StarEnglishOnline the more people who choose to have lessons with us, the more we can do to help provide an education for the lives of numerous children in developing countries. Whether it's a big or small gesture, there's something each of us can do to give these children a better chance at education.

By choosing to have lessons with us, you not only get to improve your English Language Learning skills but you will also make a difference improving and benefiting the lives of numerous children around the world. Join us now in changing the lives of many children.

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